The two blue hued gems, Blue Topaz and Tanzanite are the birthstones for December. Both are blessed with their unique virtues which make them highly coveted gems.

Blue Topaz

A symbol of love and affection, this birthstone of December has been known for at least 2000 years. The gemstone topaz also forms the foundation of the gates to the Holy City of Jerusalem. Yellow is the most popular color of these and until few decades back, just about all the yellow stones were referred to as Topaz.

Blue topaz has gained much popularity in recent years. However one has to be cautious as they are often heated. Blue Topaz given their stunning color looks great in all kinds of jewelry.

These gems are also the anniversary stone for the 4th year of marriage. The color of this gemstone ranges from light sky blue to deep Swiss blue. The gemstone is believed to be symbolic of strength and intelligence. It is even said that the stone has curative and calming effect on its wearer.

Tanzanite Jewelry

Tanzanite is the other birthstone of December. While Blue Topaz has always been part of the modern list of birthstone, tanzanite was only recently added in the year 2002 by American Gemstone Trade Association to the list as a December birthstone.

Tanzanite is quite an extraordinary gemstone. Unlike most of the gemstones that have been around for thousands of years, tanzanite is relatively new discovery. The gemstone was discovered in the year 1967 in the Merelani Hills in the north of Tanzania. In fact, this African State of Tanzania is the only place in the whole world where these gems are found. This makes tanzanite gemstone even rarer than diamonds.

These gemstones are known for the unique violet blue hue that they display. New York Jewelers, Tiffany showed great enthusiasm in this gem and presented the gemstone to the public with a mass media advertizing.

The gemstone portrays an unconventional elegance which makes it a highly desired gem.

Tanzanite is also the anniversary stone signifying the 24th year of marriage.

These gemstones, tanzanites exhibit a radiance that can make any girl fall in love with them. Tanzanite Jewelry is the new trend in the fashion circles. It is loved for its unmistakable violet blue color, its liveliness and yes, the fact that it is rarer than even diamonds. is a premier luxury jewelry e-commerce company head quartered in Los Angeles. As a leading jewelry company, Angara provides gemstone jewelry, loose gemstones and diamond jewelry from all over the world making them available on the internet. The expertise lies in attention to detail, elegance, variety of designs and reasonable prices.

Planning a rehearsal dinner should be fun and exciting. Here are some rehearsal dinner ideas that can lessen your stress and allow you to embrace and enjoy every minute of the planning process. Having just hosted our first rehearsal dinner, I can share some good advice to help put together a wonderful celebration. Before you start your plans, talk to your couple and ask what type of dinner they would like.

I don’t mean just the menu, but the whole event. Some couples may want a formal multi-course meal with a large guest list; others may want a quiet and cozier celebration. By talking with them, you can see if what they want is what you can afford and adapt accordingly. Even though it may be your party to plan, it is after all their celebration. So work together with the kids and with some careful planning you can host the dinner of their dreams.

The most important advice I can extend is to find the right venue. You need a place that will work within your budget, be responsive to your needs, has good food and an attentive wait staff. So if you are considering a venue that you have never visited before.. GO there for dinner first. You don’t want to waste your time with a place that has poor service or tasteless food no matter how beautiful it may be or how many great reviews you may have read. Keep in mind that in these economic times you are in the driver’s seat, so don’t be afraid to negotiate with the venue. If they give you a per head bar package that bumps up the price, check and see if you can do just beer and wine. Some places will not offer that option unless you ask.

If they are showing you a fixed menu that is not to your liking, tell them what you want. Then ask them to rework the price based on your menu choices. The flexibility they show you is all important because if the venue is not willing to work with you when they are trying to get your business, they most likely will not be so accommodating once you have made the booking. 

The venue we settled on was terrific from the beginning. We gave them our budget and guest count and then they worked with us from there. Instead of having an expensive cocktail hour with stations, they suggested passed appetizers. I was a bit hesitant, but it worked out beautifully. Everyone spent the cocktail hour visiting with each other instead of checking out the food.

The restaurant made sure there were plenty of h’ordeurves constantly offered throughout the hour. Our kids wanted a casual affair. They did not want a huge 6 course dinner that could be competing with their reception. We did a Pizza and Pasta menu that was just wonderful. A bit out of the ordinary and nothing that was on their usual party menu, but our venue was happy to do whatever we wanted. I had made table decorations and floral centerpieces which were delivered earlier in the day. I had left specific instructions on how I wanted these arranged on the tables. No problem for our attentive contact; he followed my instructions and we were thrilled with how lovely everything looked when we arrived at the restaurant. It is the attention to detail, the level of cooperation and responsiveness that underscores a terrific venue partner for your dinner.  

If you would like to learn more about how we planned our own rehearsal dinner, complete with our ideas for fun favors, unique invitations and creative table decorations, head to Wedding Fun at  It was a memorable evening filled with fun, family and lots of love!

Carol is married with four grown children who loves to celebrate everything! With two weddings in one year, Carol offers lots of fun wedding suggestions. You can learn about all of their family celebration experiences and traditions There are some great ideas for creating lasting family memories!

It is always a big event to celebrate the arrival of a kid and it is even better if there are many people to share it. If you want to do that, you will need to mail birth baby invitation. Some online shoppers are available online which offer many options of Birth Baby Invitation as well as baby birth invitations which can surely meet your demands. If those selections are not enough for you to choose from, you can read this article to know some other great reasons to consider services on the Internet for this big occasion.


Personalization Options Galore

You may already have some great ideas in mind for what you want with your personalized baby invitations. If so, by all means incorporate those amazing ideas into the baby announcements invitations you select. That’s why there is a wide array of customization and personalization options for visitors. For example, let’s say you like one of the cards but want to change some of the colors. That can be done! Or maybe you want to add your own graphic or photo to one of the cards. That can also be done. All you have to do is to add your request in the appropriate place on the online form when you purchase the baby invitations. A proof will be sent with those adjustments, and if you like what you see, they’ll start printing.


If you’re not completely happy with the way it looks, let them know and they’ll make changes until you are 100% satisfied. You don’t want anything less when you’re welcoming a new baby into the world and sharing the news with these birth cards.


Affordable Prices

Some people think you have to choose between high prices or high quality, but that is not the case. You can have both because that’s what a few provide for their customers every day. The cards speak for themselves, but these shoppes always stand behind their prices and know that their prices are some of the lowest you’ll find and are definitely less than what you’d pay at most stationery stores. But these sites don’t just offer low prices. When you place your order, for example, you’ll receive 10 FREE baby cards from a few.


Some also offer free shipping so that’s one less expense you have to figure into your costs when determining your total expenses for the cards and baby invitations wordings.


Fast Delivery

You definitely don’t want to sit on this good news for long! That’s why when you order your Birth Baby Invitations you need to ensure you get them in the mail as quickly as possible. But don’t rush and sacrifice customer satisfaction. Instead, just expedite each step of the process. For example, some shoppes send the proof within one hour of receiving your order. If everything is accepted, then your order will be printed and shipped the same business days. That means you won’t have to wait long to see them in person. Plus, if you’ve had them personalized with your own message, all you have to do is address the envelopes and drop them in the mail.


About the Author: Sarah Porter have written several articles about Printed Baby Invitations and more for CardsShoppe, Express-Invitations, Cards-411 and Birth-Cards

Since the early years of establishment 70 yrs back in the Fiji Islands, to its current development today, the 3 Bhindi Brothers of Bhindi Jewellers have become veteran masters in the Gold and Diamond industry with their flagship store located in the infamous ‘Little India’ on Pioneer Blvd, Artesia, CA. Throughout the changing times of the market and the consumer, Bhindi Jewellers have not only maintained their standing but have also continued to grow, expand and flourish spectacularly with the highest faith & persistence of Vinod, Jayent and Dhanesh Bhindi at the forefront.

While Bhindi Jewellers initially catered to the Indo-Asian community, the goal of becoming a household name amongst the lovers of fine Jewellery has continued at full-force. The story and style behind Bhindi Jewellers has evolved through the years to provide selections of jewelry as broad-based and diverse as the clientele they attract. Alongside their dazzling gold & diamond collection came their first wave of progression into the World of Watches. Becoming entrusted as an authorized Rolex dealer opened their doors to the ultimate timepiece collection. With watches becoming the next hot accessory, this further elaborated their showroom collections into the lavish Omega brand with their state-of-the-art mechanical watches, several of which being the first watch on the Moon. The Bhindi’s have also welcomed Tag Heuer, the first watch brand to partner a whole F1 team as well as teaming up with Audi Sport as official partner and time-keeper, and achieved in 2010 a sensational result on the world’s most famous circuit, Le Mans.

Of course they didn’t stop there. Entering into a market for the Porcelain Figurine collectors was a niche that was explored and truly successful. The authentic Spanish-made Lladro porcelain collection was a soaring hit, especially for their pieces in the ‘Spirit of India’ collection which included spectacular variations of Lord Ganesha.

In having created a strong standing amongst the Gold & Gem enthusiasts as well as their soaring advancement in the Watch market & Porcelain Figurines, Bhindi Jewellers continued with excellence, being proven so when The official American Gem Society awarded them an exclusive membership where jewelers are accepted only after rigorous consideration for ones ethical and professional reputation.

Since its doors first opened in North America, Bhindi Jewellers has become one of the most trusted and reliable sources of jewelry. As the demand for Bhindi’s jewelry is continuously growing, the Bhindi’s listened and obliged by expanding both to San Francisco and Atlanta and will continue exploring further locations to meet clientele’s demand. For those who are unable to visit the stores, the newest Bhindi development is the expansion of their exclusive collection to the internet, now available nationwide.

Bhindi jewelry can be found on everyone, from brides adorned in majestic Mogul-era necklace sets to Hollywood celebrities wearing contemporary pieces, hand-selected by personal stylists. In response to every growing demand, Bhindi Jewellers has repeatedly risen to the occasion by maintaining the most current trends in jewelry and growing to gain synonymy with excellence and aesthetic. In the early 90′s, Madonna popularized the 22Kt yellow gold ethnic trend on the cover of the 1994 Rolling Stone magazine where the jewelry she chose was none other than Bhindi’s own. Fast forwarding to the 21st Century brings a variety of celebrities whom have frequently graced the floors of Bhindi Jewellers, from young musicians such as Christina Aguilera, to Hollywood and Bollywood icons, like Jennifer Aniston, Sharon Stone, Shilpa Shetty & Amisha Patel.

At Bhindi Jewellers crafting beautiful jewelry is only the beginning. Just as important is the creation of beautiful showrooms that house the intricate jewelry designs. The company has been bestowed awards in recognition of its insightful architectural plans. Bhindi’s Atlanta showroom was recently renovated to accommodate and better exhibit their exclusive collections. Currently our Los Angeles showroom is spread over 7,000 sq feet, Atlanta showroom boasts 7,000 sq feet of retail space, and our San Francisco showroom stands at 5,000 sq feet.

The legacy of Vinod, Jayent and Dhanesh Bhindi will continue as the present and future of Bhindi Jewellers will be navigated by the heirs of this Jewelry Empire. This new team consists of 5 members; Sanat, Ronil, Hitesh, Nikhil, and Ashwin Bhindi, all of whom are certified gemologists from the Gemological Institute of America (G.I.A). As the next generation of jewelers, the team has been thoroughly trained in the traditional ways of jewelry design as well as the manufacturing of unique hand crafted items. As technology advances, our innovations have taken hand drawn jewelry designs to the next platform, by implementing all design creations to be made on CAD/CAM. This program enables three dimensional custom images, which in turn allows control of each design feature so that every item is unique to each customer’s desires. The groundbreaking designs Bhindi Jewellers have Jewelers diamonds

The Bhindi collection is centered around luxury and elegance, catering to clients for whom 22k jewelry reflects individuality. Bhindi Jewellers has maintained, and always will preserve integrity in retail practice as well as the highest standards in manufacturing and innovative design.


Saroj kumar operates a successful home based Jewelars and resides in Los Angeles, Artesia, CA 90701.For more details, visit rings and diamonds Or Chains for men .

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Wedding invitations are letters asking for the presence of the recipient for ones marriage. It is generally written in third party formal language. The privilege of invitation according to the western culture is for the bride or her mother. It’s their duty to give marriage allurements on behalf of their family. In custom marriage allurements were to be sent five to eight weeks before marriage. The present life is becoming faster and faster day by day and many friendly meetings have reduced to several social networking websites, online marriage invitation seems to be the best successor to traditional printed invitations. Online marriage invitations being more interactive and attractive seems to convey more emotional impression.Marriage being the most important decision and event in ones life all gets exited while expressing their emotions. Wedding invitations being the primary step of a wedding has to be seen with great importance because for perfect wedding every ting from start to end must go on smoothly. Every one who is going to get married has a dream about how their wedding should be. Many take days to design their wedding invitation themselves.Online marriage invitation templates are designed by a group of professional artists who are skilled in the same. These wedding invitations can be customized to a lot and being more interactive than printed wedding invitations will be great in conveying ones feelings and enthusiasm on his or her wedding.All the online marriage invitations offered by the websites are made rich using flash animations. It can be more enhanced with songs or photo albums, text or anything that suits a wedding invitation. The use of rich media makes the online wedding invitation highly personalized which can leave a great effect on people which cannot be brought by the conventional ones. The online marriage invitations can also be used as your wedding sites. Apart from all these attractions online marriage invitations save a lot of time. Inviting all your relatives and friends can be done by the click of a button.When it comes to the expense it will be much cheaper than the conventional gold lined invitation cards. Online marriage invitations also don’t gets lost or damaged like the printed ones. Usually the printed wedding invitations are lost easily and will cause difficulty if any one forgets the wedding date but as the online wedding invitations are stored in an online server it is not lost so that any one can check it any time.Due to the sudden popularity of online wedding invitations several websites have launched this facility, and provide a wide range of designs and features. So selecting the correct invitation template according to ones taste is not a hideous job now days. With just a computer with an internet you can easily create your online marriage invitation and invite your friends and relatives within seconds. Many may think that Online wedding allurements being more attractive will be expensive but they are not. They are really cheap when compared to engraved marriage invitation cards and this is really a positive.

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Visit: Online wedding invitations

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Host a 50th Birthday Party

The first fifty years are just for practice and 50th Birthday Party Games can be a testimonial to the life lessons learned thus far. Guessing games based on trivia from the guest of honor’s lifetime would be a perfect way to highlight these lessons learned along the way. This will be a very memorable day so prepare for the best party ever.

When you’ve reached that 50th birthday you may find yourself wondering where all the time went to. Just yesterday you were twenty-five and living large, now you feel a little tired. Make up for lost time with a big 50th birthday party. The half century mark shouldn’t be a time to sit back, but instead to get up and move around.

Selecting the right party supplies for this occasion can be fun, many themes to choose from. Select a theme that contains matching party tableware and party decorations. Depending on the number of guest invited to this celebration you may need to stock up on party supplies now. Usually the plates and cups come 8 per package and napkins come 16 per pack.

Decorate with exciting colors that the guest of honor likes Add some cool decorations like table centerpieces or huge wall banner and matching themed paper party goods Keep things fun and the food scrumptious so that the 50th birthday party sends the message that the best is yet to come in life.

A stand up cocktail party can provide the elegance some prefer for this big event. It’s easy to purchase plenty of 50th birthday party supplies and napkins for guests to use at the event. You can even find some light up wine and champagne glasses to add a little glow to your event. Hanging dangles from the ceiling will reflect the lights in the room.

Guests sometimes surprise the soon-to-be fifty year old with their own surprise party. This can be intended to poke light fun at the guest of honor’s Over the Hill status. A birthday cake shaped like a tombstone or coffin can bring some ironic giggles. Gag gifts such as an old age care basket filled with Adult diapers, Aspercream, and reading glasses with really thick lenses will get lots of laughs from the guests and hopefully the receiver. Black and gray colored decorations can add to the theme. Get black streamers to hang from the ceiling. And a banner with a funny Over the Hill saying to hang above the buffet table.

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Jeff Easton is a party planning expert from the internets leading party supplies distributor Jeff is best on selecting the best possible party supplies and party decorations with clever themes. His straight-forward party planning approach demostrates how to use proper manners while teaching etiquette with organizational skills. He

Being green and environmentally friendly is top of the agenda at the moment across the world and it seems the need to be eco-friendly has spread to weddings too. Even if you don’t apply eco-friendly practices to much of your wedding, you can still give your guests eco-friendly wedding favors.

Here are my top suggestions for ‘green’ favors:

Organic Edibles: Custom cookies are all the rage at the moment for favors so have yours made with all organic ingredients and naturally colored icings. If you didn’t want cookies you could apply the same to cupcakes or mini cakes as well. Present either in card boxes made from recycled paper.

Fair Trade Edibles: There is a wealth of choice here, including chocolates, tea, coffee, cocoa, wine and more specialized edibles. Take a trip around your local supermarket as most have Fair Trade products on their shelves these days or have a section dedicated to them.

Depending on what you buy you need to think carefully about the packaging. Things like tea and coffee would be best presented in small tins, this not only keeps the contents fresh, but the tins are also recyclable when empty – although they do make useful little containers for other things. Chocolates and other ‘solid’ food stuffs could be presented in card boxes made from recycled paper. As long as the packaging itself is ultimately recyclable then anything goes.

Plants and Seeds: Plants, seeds and flower bulbs are probably the ultimate eco-friendly wedding favor, although there is an argument about introducing non-native species to an area (but we won’t go into that here!). You can choose to give small plant seedlings, packets of seeds, plant-able cards which have seeds embedded in them or bulbs.

Take this a step further by looking for those that have been grown or produced organically, that is without any chemical fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. If you give seeds then add in a small info card about growing organically.

Candles: Candles are a popular wedding favor choice with votives and tea lights being the most popular sizes. However, many candles are made with harmful chemical ingredients which release pollutants when lit. Look for candles made from organic ingredients or beeswax.

Recycled Favors: Check out items made from recycled materials, not just paper or card but things like car tires, glass, metal and plastic. Things like pencils to notebooks, cards to photograph frames can all be produced from recycles.

Organic Skincare: Many favor stores sell small boxed sets of soaps, so look for similar versions made from organic ingredients. Be careful though that what you are buying is made from 100% organic ingredients, one look at the label should tell you what’s included and you will be able to see if any chemical ingredients have been used. If organic ingredients have been used you will recognize them.

Other options to soap include bath salts, bath bombs and small bottles of hand cream, body lotion or shower gel. These can all be bought in large packs and then decanted into smaller containers such as packets, bottles, tins etc at home.

Mae Andrea is a professional writer who collects wedding favors and wedding related articles. She is working with a wedding planning social networking company that caters to all the wedding needs of brides in almost every major center in America.

Many people are now having a breakfast/brunch party the day after their wedding. This allows you to open presents and to catch up with those people you might not have had a chance to talk to. It’s often a good opportunity to catch up with your parents’ friends and your relatives.

Sweden has a tradition that must come from the old days when the daughters would leave their families to become members of their husband’s families. As a last part of the goodbye at the bride’s parents’ house, the bride’s family would make a cake so that the last bit of food the bride had at her childhood home was sweet.

The times that I’ve encountered the cake it’s been a Princess Torte, a beautiful green confection full of yellow cake, marzipan, whipped cream and either vanilla cream or raspberry jelly. The Swedes are great about their pastries because as rich as they are, they’re not horribly sweet. (Yum!)

(Of course, this could also be a great way to finish up the wedding cake from the day before, especially if everyone’s traveling. Since single women no longer seem to take cake home from the wedding to place under their pillow so that they can dream of the man they will marry, there’s often a lot of cake left over! And you don’t want to waste cake! Just wondering, what did they wrap the cake in before Tupperware? Who wants to get marzipan and whipped cream in your pillow?) You might not HAVE to make a new cake, but it’s a nice tradition to start!

Even though today’s couples are becoming part of one another’s families, it’s still a lovely thought that you leave on your honeymoon with sweetness in your mouth, remembering your past and anticipating the marriage ahead. Your relationship deserves sweetness and tenderness. Start your life off with cake. You can get serious about your vegetables when you get back from your honeymoon!

Bottom Line?: Give your relationship the chance it deserves to succeed wildly, against all odds! After all, you deserve it. Your relationship deserves it! There’s a lot more info to help you create the wedding ceremony of your dreams, the wedding vows of your heart and the marriage of a lifetime over on my website: And to help you create the wedding vows that will become the blueprint for your incredible, happily and healthily ever-after marriage, I’d like to invite you to sign up to receive 2 free wedding vow templates: Go on! I dare you, be happy together!