Fairy costumes have been popular fancy dress outfits for some time now. Inspired by the fairy characters from legends, traditional tales, fairy stories, fiction and movies, it is a really good choice of costume for a number of reasons.

Firstly, fairy costumes are widely available, ready-made, from stores both of the bricks and mortar variety and online. These fairy costumes come in a wide range of designs and styles. If you search for a costume, you are almost guaranteed to find one that suits your needs. All of the different types of fairy outfits are variations on the basic costume.

Secondly, if you don’t want to purchase a complete fairy outfit, you can quite easily make your own. The basic outfit usually consists of a thin and simple dress (often quite skimpy in natural greens and browns), a pair of wings and simple shoes or slippers. Obviously, you can add accessories to the basic outfit, such as flowers, natural jewelry and a magic wand.

Thirdly, the image of the fairy is pretty much engraved in the public consciousness. Fairy characters like Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan stories (and particularly the Disney Tinkerbell costumes) are particularly well-known. Therefore, if you attend a party wearing a fairy costume, people will be able to recognise what you have come as (always a good thing), and they will usually respond positively.

The final reason why a fairy costume is a good outfit to choose is that the basic costume is so easily adapted to fit any party. If you are attending an adults-only party and want a sexier look it is easy to find, or modify an existing costume, making the skirt shorter and the neckline lower. If you are shopping for a child’s costume, you will be able to find a cute outfit. If you are going to a Halloween party, you might decide to go with a dark fairy or gothic fairy costume, replacing the natural greens and flowers with blacks, reds and spider’s webs.

In short, fairy fancy dress costumes are exceptionally versatile and should be near the top of your list when you are considering the outfit for your next costume party.

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You will need to get the word out when you have decided to get married. This is why you will need to get some wedding invitations. As a matter of fact, a lot of couples would like to have their own personal wedding cards. Here are some tips for you.

The design of your personal wedding invitations is very important. You can design your card based on your own preferences and personalities. You can try to design the cards in a way that they can express you and your fiance. For example, if you are a person who love vintage vehicles, you can create an invitation card which is in the shape of a vintage vehicle. This will certainly express your hobby and personalities.

Besides the design, you should make sure that your personal wedding invitations are useful and helpful. To this end, you need to include all the necessary information in the card. Of course you will include your names, date, time and the location of your event. In most cases, you will also include the names of your parents.

If it is not easy to go to your wedding location, you may even need to include a map. You do not print the map directly on the invitation card. A lot of couples will decide to create another card and print the map on it. It will be helpful since it will be a lot easier for your guests to find the way when they are driving.

You will also need to know if your invited guests will come or not. This is why you will need to include a respond card. You will send it with your personal wedding invitations to your guests. You can ask your guests to reply you via email. If you would like to be more traditional, you can also include a return envelope for the guests to send the respond cards back to you.

One last word is that, you should order your wedding cards as early as possible. So, be sure to discover some wedding invitations and start planning for it NOW!

Getting a new car or truck can be quite pricey for plenty of men and women. Domestic economic system is recovering following the acute economic crisis, and many folks turned unemployed or tend to be petrified of losing their work. That is the reason why purchasing a completely new auto is definitely unattainable as a consequence of deficit of cash. Nonetheless, there is always substitute option – to buy a second hand car. Of course, there are particular dangers associated with shopping for a second hand car. On the other hand, if one makes usage of points and suggestions it is possible to invest in the best quality used car that appears like a brand new one and reduce costs. It should be described that getting previously owned car has benefits and drawbacks. The pros of buying an used car are:

. Lower value (based on the car or truck and also its particular state, around 40 – 50 percent decrease in value)
. Affordable insurance premiums (since car is actually more affordable as compared to a completely new auto, insurance companies demand reduced fees)
. The vehicle driver is aware just about all standard tribulations of an used car when promoting it.

Negatives of purchasing previously owned car are the following:

. Probability to buy a motor vehicle that took part in auto accidents (sometimes much more severe)
. Absolutely no manufacturer’s warranty and thus you will have to cover car or truck repairing
. Old vehicles have a tendency to break more frequently, therefore, you will pay big money to maintain it.

On the other hand, the aforementioned facts tend not to imply getting used cars could be a terrible approach. Here are some recommendations the way to choose the best previously owned car:

Firstly, use the internet here to consider previously owned cars. For instance, if you live in Seattle, seek out in your favorite search engine for seattle wa used cars.

Perform a thorough study. Use the internet and rummage around for information about ideal vehicle design. You can find very popular United states vehicles which never break for 30 or perhaps 50 years. At the same time, there are automobiles that have critical difficulties with suspensions or car electronics. Thus, never get a vulnerable auto model. In addition, take a look at obtainable car repair shops. You will find autos that repair employees tend to be reluctant to repair.

Make of used car is another important aspect to be considered. Early cars have become low cost and you can get them for peanuts. On the other hand, there is the reverse aspect – this type of car will probably become a serious pain. It’s going to break every second day, in some cases at by far the most inappropriate instances (for example, in the centre of lonely highway).

It’s also wise to comprehend history of the automobile (for instance speak with mechanics that fixed it or take a look at relevant auto mechanic shop). It’s very important that a car never participated in auto accidents and also has real mileage. Many infidelity retailers could fix the clock (make speedometer to display false miles). As a result, you imagine you purchase nearly brand new car or truck while actually you are about to obtain a bit of crap.

In some cases, used cars have windshield problems. Make contact with only the very best auto glass replacement seattle.

Your wedding invitations will have a big impact on setting the correct tone and feel for your bid day. For this reason, understandably, it is important to take some time and shop around to ensure that you get just what you want.


The recipient of your wedding invites will immediately form an impression in their mind about you, your partner and your upcoming wedding.Looking around for the right invitations can be a time consuming process but it can also be good fun, especially if you involve your partner fully in the process.Searching on the internet is a great way to see what is available as you will avoid the hassle of a fast talking salesman and can shop around at your leisure in a non pressurized environment.


Everybody likes to try to have unique invitations for their wedding but if that is a given you still have some major decisions to make, for example:


Do you want classy, traditional and elegant wedding invitations or something more modern, fun, trendy?You will need to consider the size and colors also of your wedding invite cards and black and white, if tastefully chosen and designed, can look great.


There are some very large companies such as Nuart and Carlson Craft who have a long history and tradition of supplying a huge range of invites with great choice and service. Looking through the catalogs of these companies will show you some great designs and give you some super ideas that you will not have thought of before..


You will need to ensure that your invites go out in good time, some months ahead, to ensure that you are surrounded by your friends and neighbours on the big day.


You also have the option of making and designing your own wedding invitations and printing off samples to see how they look and feel and to ensure that they communicate the correct message with those you want surrounding you on your big day.

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Harley-Davidson is for many the epitome of motorcycle cool and that’s regardless of whether they ride themselves or not.  These are the bikes used by everyone from motorcycle gangs to wealthy middle-aged men and women. These are style icons in themselves and many of them are heavily customized to suit the needs of the individual rider. And in addition to the actual bikes themselves, Harley-Davidson also sells bike equipment and merchandise such as t-shirts and accessories thus making this cool brand more accessible to everyone.

Harley-Davidson is an American brand founded back in 1903 and they mainly sell heavyweight motorcycles designed for highway or country road cruising. The bikes tend to be heavily customized and people who ride Harley-Davidson bikes are usually members of a local riders club and although some are so-called ‘motorcycle gangs’, most are local clubs with people who love to ride, tinker and talk.  Previously the average Harley-Davidson owner was under 35 years old, now the average age is just above 46 underlining that these bikes are no longer associated with criminal gangs. As a curiosity many American police forces use Harley-Davidson as their bike of choice.Harley-Davidson is an American brand founded back in 1903 and they mainly sell heavyweight motorcycles designed for highway or country road cruising. The bikes tend to be heavily customized and people who ride Harley-Davidson bikes are usually members of a local riders club and although some are so-called ‘motorcycle gangs’, most are local clubs with people who love to ride, tinker and talk.  Previously the average Harley-Davidson owner was under 35 years old, now the average age is just above 46 underlining that these bikes are no longer associated with criminal gangs. As a curiosity many American police forces use Harley-Davidson as their bike of choice.

Currently Harley-Davidson operates with 5 different model designations. First of all there’s the Sportster which comes in two engine sizes, the 883 cc and the 1200 cc, then there are the Dyna and the Softail which both have big twin-engines. There’s also the Touring models and the VRSC models, the latter using the Revolution engine. These designations then fall into five model families called Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Touring and Vrod and they’re distinguished by frame, engine, suspensions and various other characteristics so that any potential Harley –Davidson customer can get just the bike they want.

The Harley Owners Group was established back in 1983 to help cement loyalty amongst Harley owners and enthusiasts and as these groups are now international they can be found everywhere, including somewhere like Preston. Harley Davidson owners who are also Harley Owner Group members typically spend 30 % more money on merchandise and events than owners who are not members thus being a testament to the fact that belonging seem to be important in motorcycle groups like these.


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Emerald Cut Engagement is the barons of artistic diamond scenes for the ceremony. From last few centuries the emerald diamond shape has been around and persists as one of the most artistic and appealing cuts in present time. The most acceptable choice for engagement rings is the deep and pool-like look of the emerald cut which are amongst the most attractively made and eye-catching mounts in the market place.

Emerald Cut Engagement diamonds are properly harmonized in a ring by other unambiguously designed diamonds and stones for example baguette, princess or more shaped gems. You can discover more or less keen instances of these patterns in various option like three-stone rings where the core stone displays a superior karat-weight that may perhaps be evaluated with halo rings for a diverse looks applying round cut diamonds of small size.

The design of Emerald Cut Engagement contributes itself to a countless of extraordinary ring designs. Emerald cut engagement rings are genuine and outstanding item of eye-catching stylishness from split shank to spectacular solitaires crusted with 100s of pave set gems.

As soon as you have chosen your gem then the alternatives for mounts are huge and varied, with 1000s of superiority designs to opt from.  With these rings, you will experience exclusively refined and stylish designs along with a traditional appearance which will persist for generations. Through the immeasurable collection of outstanding mounts designed from assortment of alloys to grab these gemstones. You will be assured to find out a spectacular part of a set which will convey your feelings and loyalty to your partner.

The rectangular shaped Emerald Cut Engagement halo appeals customers on account of its gemstones accents. It will definitely please your fiancée by having a stunning lone jeweled emerald cut ring. A number of jewelry maker insert diamond accents all over it to acquaint a modern and trendy shape to the ring. These designs will provide an entrenched shape which will accentuate the gem in the center of the ring. To maintain the transparency and the lucidity of the component for that you necessitate in selecting a suitable sized emerald cut ring. It entails that it is most excellent to adhere the classic and artistic designs and shapes of emerald cut diamond. As a result of doing this, you can catch one’s breath by possessing enhanced, superiority and genuineness style of emerald cut diamonds.


More Details:

This emerald cut diamond engagement ring setting, features two step cut trapezoid diamonds approx. 0.45 total carat weight prong set in 14 karat white gold t…
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The latest, greatest in prestigious home addresses for the Charlotte housing market would have to be in Ballantyne. Ballantyne was developed on a stretch of beautiful land (previously the Morrison Hunting Preserve) under the keen eye of Smokey Bissel, who named the development after his Aunt, Barbara Ballantyne. Although in Charlotte, the Ballantyne area operates like a town unto itself. The Ballantyne development is located deep in South Charlotte; right on the edge of both the Union County and South Carolina borders. Near the intersection of Johnston Road and I-485, with Ballantyne Commons running through its middle.

The upscale nature of this area has had home buyers flocking to it since its inception-back in the 1990′s. Choices in housing abound, ranging from The Ballantyne Country Club and all of its custom homes, sprinkled into the mix are several beautiful single family neighborhoods, swim/tennis neighborhoods, town homes and condos are nestled in along with a few apartment complexes.The development includes a 4 star resort (Ballantyne) multiple Marriott hotels, and an 18 hole daily-fee golf course. The Ballantyne Development also has a mix of businesses; financial, insurance, builders (you name it) within the confines of a 535 acre corporate park.

What makes it so popular amongst its residents, is the sheer amount of restaurants (chain, ethnic, upscale and sandwich), grocery (normal,organic and niche) and retail (national, local and boutique ) shopping that is available at your fingertips. Anchored in the heart of the development is The Ballantyne Village. This is a pedestrian friendly center with indoor and outdoor dining; live music outside usually on weekends and Wednesdays; a grand water fountain with cobblestone walks and nearby home-made chocolate shoppe along with a great cigar store (complete with smoking room), amongst an  assortment of others shops. If you need more than boutiques, you’ll find Carolina Place Mall (Charlotte’s largest) just three miles down the road, with furniture row to its side. You should be able to find anything you need within a five mile radius of Ballantyne, including multiple theatres. It’s that convenient.

For those of you with children, this area is known for Ballantyne’s schools (a bevy of Charlotte’s top scoring schools). The area is home to: Ardrey Kell High School; Community House Middle School;  Ballantyne, Endhaven, Elon Park and Community House Elementary Schools. It is also home to our busiest library, South Charlotte’s Regional Branch, and two YMCA’s! The Ballantyne YMCA is for adults only (you can package this up with the family YMCA membership). The family Y (Morrison YMCA) is just around the corner. It has a water park, in-line hockey field, soccer fields, play ground area, and lots of work out classes and fitness rooms; if that’s not your cup of tea, just do your own thing in the fitness center. Nothing shabby here!

Charlotte real estate prices in the Ballantyne area varies. Here are some very general guidelines as of July 2009:

If you were thinking about buying a condo or a townhome; the price could range anywhere from the very low $ 130,000 mark, up through $ 400,000. The median would range more closely to $ 175,000-$ 250,000.

For single family homes, your price range would run anywhere from the low of $ 175,000 to the high of $ 3,000,000. Your median price range would roughly be between $ 250,000 and $ 500,000.
For Ballantyne Country Club, the prices would start off at around $ 500,000 and go up to just around the $ 3,000,000 mark. The median price is around $ 700,000.

I realize these are rather broad strokes, but, better than no strokes at all. If you are interested in Charlotte NC real estate, please feel free to contact us, and we can certainly guide you with your real estate endeavors and fine-tune some numbers specifically for you.

The purpose and benefits of diamond rings can be used for many different reasons. It can be used as a friendship engagements, birthdays, and of course weddings, and much more. A lot of people use them for friendship to let a person know that they are special to them. Sometimes it does not matter how long they may have been close friends or whatever they may be. People may have been together for months and may already know that this may be the person they want to be with.

This ring is also used for engagements. When two people are in love they feel as if they want to spend the rest of their lives together. They try to find the best one possible because they can make a great impression. Just about every woman love diamonds so it really would not be hard to make an impression. They also say that a diamond is a girl’s best friend.

Then there is a wedding of course. A proposal comes along with a diamond. They both can bring happiness. It makes one feel obligated to the other. It lets them know that they have nothing to worry about. It brings a form of stability in a relationship which one may need. A lot of times people feel as if they are not wanted or needed.

They can also change people. Sometimes people may change for the better and sometimes for the worse. Someone may change for better because they may not be use to having anything. This can change a person’s whole perspective and not take things for granted. A person may change for the worse because they may start feeling themselves too much. When a person is not use to something they do not know how to act when they get it. Their attitude changes about everything. They do not realize that just as quickly as they get something it can be taken.

Rings should not make someone change for the worse. They should make someone appreciate things. A person should be able to realize what they have and not what they do not have. By receiving diamonds you should realize then that this person loves you and this is their way to show it.

Sometimes people may not know how to come out and actually say that they love you. This may be why they go out and buy diamonds. Others may be scared of rejection. They are afraid that if they say that they love you, then you will not say it back.

We sometimes have to remember that most people are like us. They want to hear the words I love you. They probably are appreciative for the gift but would rather hear the words. A lot of people do not realize that although it is only three words, those words are the strongest words you will ever hear. It may mean a lot to someone because it is not something to take for granted.

These three words could make someones day. Sometimes you may be having a hard time thinking about where the relationship is going. Then you hear the words I love you and then you are given a diamond. Your frown is then turned into a smile.

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