Natasha Polly the Russian Supermodel is getting married with the Dutch businessman Peter Barker in May 2011.Natasha is famous not only for exquisite catwalk, but also the impossibly sophisticated personality as well. She is the most polished Russian face to hit the Paris, and New York runways since 1990s. She has the beach blond hair that has been her most celebrated asset along the mesmerizing blue eyes.


Born in 1985, Natasha Polly is perfect super model to adore the Givenchy bridal for more then five years. The iconic beauty was first captured in the long sleeved gown that had the intricate princess lace on arms that match to the veil as well. While there are no plans for her to stop working after this wedding she has already reduced her hectic workload from six days to three to adjust to new life. Winner of 2004 model search in Russia, she has been on cover of most fashion magazines including the French Vogue.


While the plans for her wedding are a few weeks away, she has selected the dream dress and the reports indicate that her dream dress was full length in crisp white. The dress was embodied with the golden thread and has the famous feathered hem that has become the signature style of the design house. Some might think that the cut waist is little short but this is still quite elegant and complementing the whole outfit reassuringly. In her ten year career as super model Natasha has worked in more then 70 fashion shows and runways in Milan and Paris for all the leading designers.


That whimsical dress was combined with the twinkling shoes that were adorned with the same lace with real pearls as well. When asked why she is selecting to be such non conformist in her choice of dress, Poly said that she wanted her dress to reflect her personality. Raised in most cold climate of Magnolia, Poly presents the Russian youth that wishes to combine the both traditions with the modernity.


Similarly the makeup for the wedding day has also been selected to be rosy too. Her nationally long hair is Wedding Party Favors combined with some braids to give the fuller effect in there as well. Even though she has been associated with making many trends in the bridal fashion, this time everyone is also expecting the same. This whimsical dress has been cut to provide the fuller shape along the waist and hemline as well.


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The selection of perfect Black Dresses or the ceremonies like wedding occasions mainly needs a lot of planning. These dresses seem to be reluctant in nature when they are not liable to adorn the suit. This garment fully trusts among the finest and gives a new volume to the dressing style also. Cocktail dresses are the finest choice for the wedding celebrations and are sold with great variations in the market also. These dresses also offer complete variation in appearance also to its wearer. These dresses seems to b wonderful on almost every occasions and suits the best level as it enhances the personality level to a great way.

Strapless patterns of Black Dresses seem to be a good choice for informal occasions and suits to girls and woman of different age groups also. Sequins and beads along with such dresses use to act as an added attraction for increasing its effectiveness more and more. Wearing such dresses gives a poised and reassured feeling to a girl or woman who actually worn it with suitable accessory in a particular party. These dresses uses to offer a sophisticated evening look to young and teenage girls thereby making her a major centre of attraction on a particular party too as well.

Black Dresses are the most elegant dresses that seems to be little much pricy in terms of cost than other such relevant parties wear but its quality is really an exclusive and amazing and gives perfect suit to every girl who worn it as a party wear. Such dresses are not highly recommended for those girls who possess wide hips as it will not suit her posture. Such dress also produces great illusion in the mind of the people who were present on the party or other occasion. World famous designers are widely engaged in designing of these dress is somehow great and comfortable styling. They uses high quality materials to design it an amazing new styling also.

The fabrication technique applied by its designer on the better designing of these Black Dresses is also of very high quality. Young girls are widely fascinated by the attractive design produced by such dresses designers. Some local online sites deal with such dress and assign high cost on such dresses but one must select best of them from complete analysis of its effectiveness via internet. So, if you are fond of such dresses, you must select the best dealer of it via searching it on web or internet.

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The 1st birthday party of your child is as special as an occasion can get. It is the time to cherish the beautiful memories that your child has given you in the last one year. To organize the celebration of such an important event requires great care and planning. You simply cannot afford to miss out on anything, and should do everything possible to make your kid’s birthday party memorable.

The first thing to plan when organizing your kid’s birthday party is the budget. No matter what your budget is, with right planning you can throw a great party in almost every budget. Allocate funds for different arrangements and always keep a slight margin as the rates of party supplies change from time to time. Then you should make a list of the guests you plan to invite. Try to keep the party a limited affair as seeing too many new faces may upset your child. Try to invite only close relatives and friends to the party to make it feel like a home affair.

Most parties are remembered by the quality of food guests are served. Make sure you decide the menu as per the taste of the guests you have invited. If required you can take the help of a professional catering agency for preparing and serving the food. There is no need to go overboard as far as the decorations are concerned; however you can definitely choose a theme for the party.

Since your child will be too young to acknowledge or remember anything that happened on their 1st birthday party, you need put in extra efforts to preserve the moments of the celebration. Take as many pictures of your kids as possible with all the near and dear ones. Make a video of the party right from the beginning till the end. If you think you will not be able to find the time to shoot so many pictures and video by yourself, you can take the help of a professional photographer. They have expertise in shooting parties and events, and are sure to cover your kids birthday party better than any amateur photographer.

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One of the happiest dreams of a woman is to get dressed in Wedding Attire which makes her look like a diva. On the day of wedding, brides are the center of attraction and every eye is on the bride. What the bride is wearing is a topic of discussion amongst the relatives and other guests attending the wedding ceremony. Women are very conscious of their figure and do not wear any dress in which they do not look attractive. Even on ordinary days, ladies spend hours on finalizing the dress to wear, so one can imagine the time that a woman can spend for getting the Wedding Dress of their dream. Women who have athletic body and those who are overweight do not need to be depressed and frustrated about getting the dress that fits right. Plus Size Wedding Dresses are made available by Wedding Dress Designers in different attractive designs and patters. Plus Size Wedding Dresses are made available by Wedding Dress Designers in both traditional and contemporary styles. Plus Size Wedding Dresses are designed in a way that flatters the voluptuous curves. Here are some of the tips to follow at the time of finalizing the Wedding Dress:

The style and design of the Wedding dress has to be such that the bride does not feel embarrassed of her fuller frame. There are some styles that look really good on the plus size women and create an attractive silhouette. But for that, one should choose to buy from online stores that specially sell such plus sized wedding gowns. Also, the dresses are to be selected after the trial for fitting.
The budget has to be set beforehand: There is no limit on the amount to be spent on the preparation of wedding ceremony. The bride has to look the best and there is no scope of compromise, but still a budget has to be set especially for Wedding Dress. Budgeting is of great help in finalizing the design and style of Bridal Dress.
The Wedding Dress has to be designed and finalized keeping in mind the theme of wedding. The Bridal Dress has to be such that the bride complements the theme and look different at the same time. For formal weddings, the dress has to be traditional, but for Theme Weddings like Beach Wedding, fairy style wedding, etc., the dress has to be unconventional and stylish. With theme Weddings, the brides have many options to choose from.

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Black dresses are often preferred by the individuals in order to look gorgeous in certain ceremonies. It is the hot favourite colour of individuals which has certain importance. Black dresses shapes the personality of an individual due to which he/she come across positive comments. Black dresses are versatile in nature which means that they are available in different shapes and sizes that suits to the body image of an individual.

Some of the dresses are termed as ceremonial black dresses and they are being worn by an individual on special occasions. Different occasions have the diversified nature and dresses are being selected according to the nature of particular event. Black dresses sounds different when worn by bridals, as most of the times white dresses are being worn in weddings. Traditional dress for wedding purpose is white but black bridal dresses are also being preferred in some of the cultures.

Those who try black colourweddingdress, it gives them a dazzling look. Every bridal wants to look magnificent in her important occasion of life and that is possible when she choose to wear black wedding dress. It can complement both the personality and body of an individual. Every dress emphasizes to concentrate on the elegance look and beauty of women.

Different designers incorporates different outline for black dresses. It is the most suitable colour to be worn during twilight shows off as it makes the personality of an individual prominent and glowing. Size and length of black dresses is selected according to the body shape of an individual. It gives a formal and sophisticated look to the personality of an individual.

Body shape of an individual matters a lot in such regard because every dress fits in differently to an individual according to body gesture. Appearance of a woman looks slender due to different style of black dresses. Most important spotlight in the personality is the dress which is being worn by a woman.

However in most of the cultures, black dresses are considered as suitable for the party wearing, but it is not preferred when it comes to the wedding ceremonies. It is quite unsuitable for the women to put up the Black Dresses on wedding day. Social status of a woman needs to be gauged before the introduction of black wedding dresses. In short black dresses are limited to be worn on ceremonies and parties. Those who try black colour wedding dress, it gives them a dazzling look. 

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Absolutely nothing is more marvelous than dressing up in a effervescent and dazzling fancy dress, particularly if you are a little girl. Many of the most favored dress- up attires right now are the Hello Kitty costumes. These outfits can be found in all sorts of designs and styles, and also sizes and are available at nearby shops via mail order catalogs, or for the best reductions, at online sites. Regardless of what the most well-liked means of purchase, the Hello Kitty fancy dress costume will not be difficult to find, because of its escalating popularity. In the past 6 months the Hello Kitty product sales have markedly accelerated.

A Hello Kitty costume is value-helpful, but variety in selling price in accordance with the layout you chooses. Nonetheless you will find a lot of those who pick an unique design, so they elect to build or personalize their own, therefore attaching additional sequins and glitter about the ensemble, or just merely adding their extremely own special reach for on their very own costume-up costume. In any event, the very little girl (or maybe grownup!) who is going to be sporting this Hello Kitty outfit will surely experience like a million money whenever she dons it.

These outfits vary from the conventional Hello Kitty costume, featuring a deluxe white bodysuit, pink satin top, and also plush white hat with Hello Kitty face and pink ribbon and bow to the “Hello Kitty Charleston” which is a 1920′s type flapper gown with a dusting of sparkles and beads. Needless to say, there are lots of other styles that will suit the dreams and wants of every little girl. What ever her activity or likes, she can be an integral part of the enchanting world with the special character Hello Kitty costume.

These kinds of costumes come in infant, toddler, youth, teenager, together with grownup sizes. This tells just one that it’s certainly not about the age, but the personality, considering that numerous grownups like to dress up in Hello Kitty outfits. These kind of lovely outfits help to make individuals, whatever age; feel like part of the Hello Kitty club. There are some kids that do not want to dress like Hello Kitty, but choose to wear Hello Kitty friend ‘s outfits. These can also be found in many different designs and versions. These costumes have got many uses, for instance Halloween parties, mascot performances, theatrical plays, dance recitals, dress up functions, and so on.

There’s lots of accessories that you can get within the Hello Kitty collection, from glitter gel to lipstick. Make-up products finish a little girl’s image , putting those finishing touches on her. Additionally , there are all kinds of other products offered by Hello Kitty: like comforters and lamps, among others.

Every Christmas and birthday, many girls’ lists include a Hello Kitty costume, with both accessories and bedroom furnishings. Most young ladies were not disappointed and were running around on their particular special day dressed in these cute clothes.

The cute Hello Kitty has captured the hearts of little girls on a worldwide scale. The age for Hello Kitty is growing too involving teenagers along with older people, so this is the main reason why the costumes have done the same. The Hello Kitty costumes are quite the phenomenon and are still growing in popularity and appeal.

Absolutely nothing is more marvelous than dressing up in a shimmering and amazing dress-up costumes.

Maternity tunic tops and dresses are stylish and functional options for expectant mothers, as they are figure flattering and extremely comfortable. Many pregnant celebrities have been spotted wearing them, from Tori Spelling to Jennifer Lopez to Kourtney Kardashian. Made even more popular by coveted designer Tory Burch, tunics are all the rage this season. Whether you are a few months pregnant, nearly full term, or have already given birth, maternity tunics are a flattering and fashionable option.

With warm months approaching, adding dresses to one’s summer wardrobe is an easy way to add style and spice things up. Tunic dresses are a fabulous option, as they work well for all stages of one’s pregnancy. In the beginning months they are very flattering when one is just beginning to show. Natalie Portman wore a gorgeous blue tunic dress to the People’s Choice Awards before she was ready to really emphasize her beginning baby bump. When one is really showing, a tunic dress is very comfy and airy, allowing plenty of room for your baby bump. After giving birth, they are the perfect option to help camouflage your post-pregnancy belly as they flow nicely and do not cling. Maternal America is the maternity designer to go to when looking for fashionable and flattering tunic dresses. From evening appropriate to casual day time wear, their tunics are stylish and unique. If one is looking for that perfect dress for an evening out that will keep you comfortable all night long while looking your best, their Embellished Bell Sleeve Tunic is an incredible option. This tunic exudes effortless chic glam without any of the fuss. The unique neckline has gorgeous gold and black embroidery and detailing. The bell shaped sleeves are flattering and the dress flows perfectly over one’s baby bump. Pair it with gold flat strappy sandals or black heels for the perfect finishing touch. For a more casual day time look, the Choloe Kimono Tunic is a beautiful choice. With a gorgeous swirling motif in magenta, fuscia and orange hues, it is a truly eye catching option. Bright colors are incredibly popular in Spring’s 2011 designs, and this tunic demonstrates that trend perfectly. The square shoulders add unique detail while the empire waist allows for a comfortable fit that expands throughout your pregnancy. Wear it as is or pair with leggings to switch up the look. From evenings out to a casual summer day, tunic dresses are a versatile, flattering, and incredibly comfortable option for all stages of one’s pregnancy.

Aside from tunic dresses, tunics are also designed as tops. Keeping that same flowing and light weight feel they work great paired with anything from maternity leggings to jeans to skirts. They are a very comfy option as they are easily adjusted to fit you throughout all stages of your pregnancy. One stunning new option this season from renowned maternity designer Japanese Weekend is their Maternity/Nursing Soft Pleat Tunic. Super soft rayon fabric feels lovely and lightweight against your skin, and the unique marble pattern is right on trend. Its wide shoulder straps, V-neck, and empire waist design are incredibly figure flattering. Easy nursing clothes access is provided through the cami front. Pair it with leggings or a pair of jeans for a casual and fashionable look. The Twisted Front Tunic from Maternal America is another gorgeous option that can be worn casually or dressed up for work or even an evening out! This white collared tunic is the perfect option for your maternity wardrobe, as it can be worn any time of year and at any stage in your pregnancy. Its crisp lines are refreshing while the front twist and ruching create a gorgeous neckline and flattering cut across one’s bust. The ¾ length sleeves add style without adding bulk. For the office pair it with your favorite pant and heels. For a casual look it looks great paired with jeans or khaki shorts and espadrilles. To take it into evening, pair it with dark wash jeans, funky heels, and a long gold necklace. From day to night, tunic tops are a great option for the expectant and nursing mother!

Tunic dresses and tops are a stylish, comfortable, and incredibly versatile option to add to one’s maternity wardrobe. Their flattering design and trendy detailing make them the perfect choice for day or evening activities. One is sure to look and feel incredible in whichever option one chooses!

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Pregnant Brides can look chic too! Just ask Charlotte Church, Emma Bunton and Halle Berry, some of the many stars who Isabelle Oliver have created stunning M…
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Located in the northern part of the Venetian Lagoon with one hour ferry ride from Vience, the island of Burano is truly a paradise for those in love and those who have special love for colours. Well known for the lace making as well as colourful houses. Such beautiful houses bring new air to the town which is totally different from the historic atmosphere of Murano or Venice. Arriving here, visitors feel as if they were wandering on the streets in fairy tales. The brightly-painted walls extend all through Burano, not merely along the principal tourist canals. This local house painting tradition originated back to the colour scheme of fishing boats. The local residents can not paint their house freely. Once they want the houses to look more colorful, permission from the authorities is must. Let’s have a look at the colourful tale houses in Burano.


The town of Burano covers the island with several small canals acting as thoroughfares


This island is photographers’ paradise


The colourful backyard covered with flowers and painted walls


A brightly – painted window



The house are painted colourful in order that fishers can detect their houses from the sea


Most of the houses are of small size make the town cozier


Drying laundry adds to the general decorative gaiety of Burano


The town of fairy tale is truly a paradise for lovers


The main thoroughfares are linked by bridges




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