The custom of celebrating the 50th wedding anniversary with something golden started in the medieval times. A husband would present a wreath made of gold to crown the wife on completing 50 years of marriage. Gold is the color of prosperity, intelligence and success, and many Indian couples like to celebrate this milestone by renewing their vows. Using a gold and black combination for designing wedding cards makes a sophisticated as well as occasion-appropriate choice.

Ideas for Using Gold in 50th Anniversary Wedding Cards

Given below are some suggestions for designing wedding cards for a 50th marriage anniversary celebration:

Invitation styles: Since there will be numerous memories that the couple must have created during the course of 50 years, opting for a scrapbook style invitation is a great idea. You can use thick cardboard and add different layers of pages filled with either watermark imaging or real photos imprinted in the background. Alternatively, use a tri-fold style with a pocket holder for RSVP messages or other information is also a practical option. Simply use a one sided panel card to give it a traditional scroll look and cover it with golden vellum paper to add to the appeal.

Wordings: You can adorn the wedding cards with the 50th anniversary toast, poems and quotes. Couples can also suggest their favorite romantic song lyrics or some verse that they came up on their own. Some of the wording examples are:

* Newlyweds become ‘oldweds’, and ‘oldweds’ are the reasons that families work.

* Our wedding was many years ago. The celebration continues to this day. ~ Gene Perret

* A wedding anniversary is the celebration of love, trust, partnership, tolerance and tenacity. The order varies for any given year. ~ Paul Sweeney

You can use thermography, the latest trend in the letterpress industry, to print the wordings with golden ink. However, use the golden ink on a light colored base. For a formal and sophisticated look, engrave the letters on a copper plate painted with shades of gold.

Embellishments: Adorn the invitations with a satin or organza ribbon. Accent it with a metallic bow, circular disks or floral patterns to emboss the initials of the guests of honor. You may also personalize the embellishment on the ribbon with the couple’s photo. Old fashioned lace or traditional golden scroll work can be used on the front cover of the invitation for a distinctive vintage style.

Find a reliable retailer that offers services like customization for designing outstanding invitations for the event. Also make sure that services and products are priced reasonable by the retailer in order to stay within the budget.


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In most of the western cultures and specifically in the Christian weddings, bridesmaids are those close friends, cousins or sisters from the bride, who wear beautiful clothes and hold flowers and nosegays in their hands to go to the bride and complement her beauty. Bridesmaid is someone who walks towards the marriage place using the bride. She’s given lots of importance such as the flower girls. Her dress is ready by special designers to ensure that she looks perfect while walking with the bride. These Bridesmaid Dresses can be found in a large variety. For example, there are some long bridesmaid dresses and some short bridesmaid dresses available in the markets.

The short dresses for bridesmaids tend to be more popular as they look different and unique using the long bridal gown that the bride normally wears. Usually these dresses are available in bright colors so they look beautiful using the traditional white dress of the bride. The colours these come in include red, blue, green, purple, black, and others. Also, they are available in shiny fabric and scintillating effects to ensure they are more appropriate for wedding wear. The dresses are constructed with silk, satin and net.

Available in different styles, these purple bridesmaid dresses are available in long sleeves, short sleeves as well as sleeveless designs. The neck lines also vary, for instance low neck, shoulder-less tops and so on. In order to make them unique and stylish, dress designers often embellish them with adornments such as satin flowers, satin ribbons, silk belts along with other such trendy ideas. Bridesmaid dresses include accessories of numerous types; these include purses matching their dress colors or floral bouquets, tiaras and crowns, baskets to keep flowers, matching sandals and heel shoes, plus much more.

These short Simple Wedding Dresses will always be ideal to put on rich in heel sandals, preferably platform or pencil heel. This looks trendy and chic; and platform heels make the bridesmaids feel comfortable even when they keep standing or getting around all night during the wedding function. The dresses can be either ordered to designers or can be bought ready to wear. Alteration could be later done based on your particular body fit and need.

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Finding the wedding dress that suits any body type is hard if a bride doesn’t know what to really look for. A bride, who is into hiding her flaws and accentuating her assets, should look her very best in an elegantly made Empire Wedding Dress.


Empire Wedding Dresses are known for their sophistication and class; both are clear requirements in finding the best wedding dress for that very special occasion. The Empire Wedding Dress is perfect for brides with larger hips or pear-shaped because the dress instantly hides a woman’s thighs and hips, creating a beautiful silhouette of a woman with the perfect body shape. But no matter what kind or style of Empire Wedding Dress a bride to be may choose, the effect would not be as grand as she may have pictured if the dress is not made from the most suitable or appropriate fabric for this kind of wedding dress.


The Empire Wedding Dress would work best for very light to lighter fabrics to make sure that it flows smoothly and moves with the wind or the sway of the bride’s hips. A Charmeuse is a soft silk like fabric that is made with light synthetic fabrics. The fabric works well for the Empire Wedding Dresses because this type is best used for those unstructured and flowing styles of gowns. The fabric is soft and drapes well to follow the contour of the body and at the same time loose enough to hide flaws. The fabric is best worn during the warmer months because it’s sheer, light and soft enough that allows the skin to breathe properly.


The silk chiffon can be arranged in layers or tiered over lays which will turn the Empire Wedding Dress into a dreamy, fantasy like wedding dress. The fabric is very delicate and elegant however, this type is rather expensive.


Crepe is another fabric that would work well with Empire Wedding Dresses; the fabric drapes softly and creates a flowing effect on the skirt part of the dress. The crepe can be made with silk, acetate, or a rayon fabric that is lightweight. It usually has a crumpled, crinkled or gauze like effect on the fabric.


Polyester Chiffon is one of the most popular types of fabric used for wedding gowns; this is more affordable than the Silk Chiffon but still provides that soft, floating and light weight feeling whenever a bride wears that elegantly designed Empire Wedding Dress made from polyester Chiffon.


In looking for that dream Empire Wedding Dress, it’s best to ask the couture whether the dress will be made with very light and flowing fabrics. This is to ensure that the results will be pleasing; the body will be highlighted properly, the wedding dress will ensure a comfortable experience and the same time, the designs will clearly show how beautiful the bride is.

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It is true that not anyone is familiar with the advantages of staging a castle wedding as this is perceived to be too prestigious or classy for some. Guthrie Castle is certainly a symbolism of class and prestige but this does not mean that the venue will break your bank. In fact, a thorough understanding of the features and landascape available at this marvelous place will make you believe that Guthrie Castle is worth every penny.
Couples who are on the search for an ideal venue for their much awaited wedding day should consider the breathtaking landscape that only Guthrie Castle could give. The ancient architecture and rolling greens combine to provide your wedding with the perfect backdrop to profess your undying love and devotion. The castle is situated in the village of Guthrie in Angus, Scotland and boasts of unique architecture that dates bac to 15th century.
Sir David Guthrie commissioned and built this castle during his reign as the treasurer and Lord Justice of Scotland in 1468. The castle was then acquired by Mr. Daniel Pena Sr. in 1984 and was renovated to become an ideal events venue fit for weddings, civil ceremonies and varius corporate functions.
Guthrie castle will also accommodate themed weddings and other Asian-inspired ceremonies. If you happen to be searching for a place that will accommodate your creative ideas for a one-of-kind wedding then the staff will be more than happy to listen to your requests. This especially holds true for civil services as this will require the location to be licensed for such events. Guthrie Castle is home to a variety of locations within the estate that is licensed for your desired civil ceremony.
The large function room is designed to accommodate anywhere from 40 to 400 guests and was designed to provide a complete entertainment solution for parties, corporate events and wedding receptions. The castle also offers catering services that serve delectable quisine to tickle your taste buds and arouse your passion for food.
The singe most distinguishing factor that sets Guthrie Castle apart from the rest would have to be the authentic walled garden. This is the place where a majority of weddings take place as couples will surely be enchanted by the beauty and splendor of nature. This would have to be one of the most awe-inspiring locations for a special outdoor wedding. Consider Guthrie Castle to experience the wedding that your guests and relatives will never forget.

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Le Vele has always been known for pushing the envelope on new contemporary designs that the world has yet to experience. Where they seem to do this the best is in their floral duvet covers. Before experiencing what Le Vele had to offer I never would use floral designs and contemporary styles in the same sentence together, but now that I have been given the privilege to come across these beautiful designs I now know that not only can these two co-exist but, when done as well as this manufacturing company does it then you will be able to become witness to something that has never before been done quite as well.

The tiger Lilly Aliza white is one floral duvet cover that is completely jaw dropping. Featured on a fresh egg white back drop is one beautiful tiger Lilly. The colors scheme that is used in this duvet bedding is nothing less than remarkable .Bright greens and oranges give this abstract picture a life like feel. What I really liked about this particular bedding was the colors, if it was a painting then I would have willingly paid top dollar for it. Also the price is great for the amount of quality you get. I would have been happy just to get the wrinkle free never fading duvet at the price they were offering. But, they give you a complete set which includes the duvet, sheets, two pillow cases and sham. As with everything you have to take the good with the bad and the big flaw with the tiger Lilly is the size because this floral duvet is only available in full / queen but, if you have the right bed set for it then act son because this is truly a steal of an offer.

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Cubic zirconia jewellery can now be ordered online from a catalogue. This allows you to choose your items in the comfort of your own home and at your own time so that you do not miss out on any of the available special offers and items on sale. The items are identical to the pictures that are available so you will not be disappointed when you receive your package.
Buy cubic zirconia jewellery that is handcrafted to create superbly elegant pieces that promise a lifetime of pride and pleasure. Once your order has been placed and paid for you can expect your items to arrive at your doorstep within 21 days. On the rare occasion that delivery takes more than 28 days you will be advised in advance and apologies will be made. With the availability of this cheap and yet stylish jewellery you can enjoy the sophistication and style of luxury jewellery at everyday prices you can even have an original piece copied to insure that you do not loose the expensive original and no one will even know that you are not wearing the original.
If you returning something because it does not fit or it is not suitable, you will need to pay the postage costs to return it. If you would like it replaced with another size, color or item, there will be no charge you for carriage on the replacement. However, you will be refunded on postage in full on faulty goods returned.
Every piece of Tru-Diamonds jewellery comes to you in a beautiful, solid cherry wood box, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity confirming the pure white color, superlative brilliance, flawless clarity, perfect cut and excellent level of hardness and toughness. Youll also receive a copy of our exclusive triple guarantee and a helpful guide on how to care for your jewellery. Get your very own cubic zirconia jewellery now and have all your friends staring at your accessories with jealousy.

Cubic zirconia jewellery

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Girls are now becoming more aware about trends and fashions. They want to stay updated and look trendy. Usually girls like to wear short dresses as they feel more comfortable and look sexier. Short dresses look really nice and cool especially on young girls. So if you want to have a youthful appearance then you can also get them and by wearing such dresses you can become a trendy girl! Here you can get some good ways to look trendier.

Always stay informed about fashion colors. Colors play an important role to make you look nice. Keep reading fashion magazines and watch fashion channels to know about latest colors in fashion. There are plenty of short dresses available in lovely designs and beautiful colors in the market. If a color that does not suit you is in fashion and you want to use it then instead of wearing a dress of the particular color you can use accessories for example shoes, bag, sunshades or jewelry of that color in contrast. This will fulfill your desire to wear the trendy color.

Select a dress that goes with your body shape. Girls are more inclined towards dresses that are short for both formal and informal occasions because they look sexy and create a bubbly and lively look. But if you have heavy legs and you don’t feel comfortable exposing them, you can always hide them by wearing long shoes. Long shoes will hide your heavy legs and grab the attention. So if you feel hesitant to wear short dresses because of this reason you can try wearing them with long shoes.

Shoes are an important part of your dress. You are not completely dressed up unless you are wearing appropriate shoes. High heels compliment your formal dress; you look much sexier with high heels. If you do not feel comfortable with high heels then you can try platform shoes as well; platform shoes look very nice with short dresses.

We can’t ignore bag when talk about fashion and style, bags create a complete look and enhance your style. Big and huge bags are very much in fashion but if you can’t carry big bags then it is not necessary to stick with that style. You can carry a bag of a comfortable size that fulfills your requirements.

Short dresses are more in fashion nowadays because of their comfort and convenience; you can carry them easily and walk confidently. So if you want to look trendier and stylish you can wear short dresses with suitable accessories.

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