It’s February and love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is one of the most popular engagement days. If marriage is in your future, why not honor your ancestors and incorporate a bit of heritage along with your traditional wedding ideas. The African American wedding should truly be a celebration of commitment and the joining of families by celebrating the couple’s roots.

There are many special touches you can add to your wedding to give it an afrocentric flair. Start off by sending beautiful wedding invitations with African symbols of love. Ask guests to join you and your family in a celebration that embraces the sanctity of marriage, the spirit of family and the pride of ancestry.

This will put guests on notice that they are about to experience an afrocentric event.

At the ceremony, inspiring poems by African American poets like, Maya Angelou can be read. African drums can be played while guests are arriving or you can have a choir sing an African spiritual. Wedding attire can be adored with gold lace, kente cloth, or ethnic fabrics. Cowrie shells can also be used as ornamentation. These shells symbolize purification, beauty, and power.

Don’t forget to “jump the broom!” This is the most popular afrocentric addition to a couple’s wedding ceremony. Jumping the broom originated during the time of slavery in America, slaves could not marry legally. As a result, they created their own rituals to honor their unions. The broom is a symbol of sweeping away the old and welcoming a new beginning. The hop the couple takes over the broom represents the leap of faith they take when starting a new life together. African American couples do this at the conclusion of their wedding ceremony.

There is also a Yoruban ritual where the bride and groom taste four flavors that represent different emotions within a relationship. The four flavors typically used are sour (lemon), bitter (vinegar), hot (cayenne), and sweet (honey). By tasting each of the flavors, the couple symbolically demonstrates that they will be able to get through the hard times in life and enjoy the sweetness of marriage. Include the history of this ritual in your wedding program or having someone read the history during the ceremony.

Regardless of what you decide to incorporate into your wedding, be mindful that this day will manifest the blending of two families. What better way to start your lives together than to include some afrocentric flair!

Donchell Johnson is the Owner of, African American Wedding Planner and Directory. She also is the owner of New Jersey Wedding Guide, [], Wedding Directory and Planner for New Jersey Brides & Grooms.

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Maxi dresses rocked the fashion world this summer. Most of the celebrities were seen dressed in maxis. Maxis were in vogue during the disco culture in the 1970s and have returned to the spotlight yet again.

This year, the trend is for large floral prints in cotton.

If you are tall and have good figure, then you will certainly look splendid in this dress. But even if you don’t have figure of a model, maxi dress will suit you since it can hide a lot of imperfection. Secondly, this dress can be worn on any occasion from beaches to parties. It is also comfortable. It gives a feminine touch to your personality and makes you look elegant. Designer maxi dresses will make you stand out in a crowd.

Let us take a look at some of the designer maxi dresses:

A.B.S. jade floral silk chiffon strapless long dress: This maxi dress is light weight and is available in three colors, jade, yellow and red. The sweetheart neckline, pleated bodice and ruffles in the front make it look beautiful. The dress has an invisible zipper. It is available at $ 309.

House of Dereon: This floral black maxi has beads at the central bust. The maxi is silk made. The neckline is sweetheart shaped and has spaghetti straps. It has empire waist and has pleats below the empire waist. This will hide belly fat. The bodice is lined and padded at the bust. It is available at $ 189.

Nicole Miller lilac maxi is made from silk and georgette. It has halter neck and geometric prints. The neck is deep V. It has empire waist and an invisible zipper at the back. This maxi will look beautiful on tall figure. If you have fat thighs, or fat behind, it will easily be hidden in this maxi. This maxi is available for $ 351.

Laundry by Shelli Segal: You can create waves wherever you go by wearing cerulean colored georgette silk maxi. It has pleated sweetheart neckline, with adjustable halter neck. The centre front has a brooch made of crystal and cabochon. The pleats give a perfect fitting at the bust. The back zipper is invisible. The brush stroke printed georgette makes you look slim. This maxi dress is available for $ 206

As we have seen, most of the designer maxi dresses are designed in a way that if you have fat on the thighs, stomach or behind, it is hidden under the fabric. The pleats at the bust will highlight your figure. Therefore, even if the designer dresses are slightly overpriced, it is worth an investment.

For more fashion tips, check out these articles: designer maxi dresses and gladiator shoes.

The renaissance era dresses are still popular all over Europe for the theme based marriage and birthday parties and Ren fairs. These dresses can be mix and matched and worn even with today’s fashion.

Renaissance Dresses- The Available Designs

There is no dearth to the designs available in the online cloth stores. Nearly all the designs of the clothes of the renaissance era are copied and sold in the market. The renaissance dresses were originally worn according to the post of the wearer. The rich and kings used to wear dresses made up of expensive materials, such as, silk and satin. Laces were also frequently used in these dresses The poor farmers and workers used to wear dresses made up of jute and these dresses were mostly shapeless.

Deigns of the Renaissance Dresses Available Now

As already mentioned earlier, you will be getting numerous designs of the renaissance dresses in the market. These dresses are made for all age group people and for men, women and kids alike. Under the section of men’s wear you may buy King of Hearts complete costume, Cap’n Cutthroat complete costume, Bandido complete costume, etc. you may also buy the Little John Leather Gambeson costume, Noble knight complete costume, Noble king complete costume, Gothic Vampire complete costume, etc. under the women’s category the dresses such as Fortune Teller complete costume, Cleopatra complete costume, Carnival Queen complete costume, Elegant Empress complete costume, etc are available. You may also buy Harem’s Jewel ladies complete costume, Gothic Vampire complete costume, Medieval Maiden complete costume, etc.

Type of Raw Materials Used to Make the Renaissance Dresses

The online renaissance dresses manufacturing and selling cloth stores generally use high quality raw materials for making the dresses. Silk, satin, cotton and lace are generally used to make these dresses. These dresses have long life and are easily washable at home. Dresses of all colours and sizes are available in store. You will simply have to choose and order the dress of your choice by the displayed photographs of the dresses available in store. The dresses will be costume made to fit all sizes of people and will be delivered to you within the stipulated time frame. You can now buy two dresses at the price of one due to heavy discounts available in the online market. offers a new generation fashion items, Renaissance Clothing and other clothing from the Medieval period. We are also providing Renaissance Dresses according to the today’s requirements.

Maids of honor are the quite important role in your wedding so that you must make sure the bridesmaid dresses you choose will look great on them and show off their beauty. Taffeta and chiffon are two popular options for bridesmaids to wear during the special occasion.
Chiffon is considered to be light and smooth and it will create an elegant and flowing look. Due to its advantages, it is the best choice for beach wedding. Of course, it is worth nothing that you must stay away from chiffon fabrics in the cold weather.
The chiffon gowns for bridesmaids come in the following several styles. The number one belongs to A-line that is one of the few styles that can flatter many body shapes. In other words, whether your maid of honor is petite or in plus sizes, there is always an A-line bridesmaid dress just for her. What is more, this stunning style is easy to match your wedding dress and the theme of the wedding well. A-line and chiffon are really perfect union. The A-line is perfect selection for wedding, prom and other special occasion so that up to date, it is still in vogue.
Another fascinating style of chiffon bridesmaid dresses is empire waist. The wonderful empire waist line is appealing to a number of women with fat waists as it has a great effect on turning people’s focus from there to your slim neck and facial appearance. In addition, it also has great attraction for petite girls as it will give others a kind of taller feeling. Accent the soft and graceful temperament and go for the chiffon bridesmaid dresses.
Taffeta is another wonderful fabric that is connected with the bridesmaid gowns. The main character is smooth, crisp and slightly sheen. It is familiar to people because of its image and extraordinary excellent quality. It is usually used for making occasional dresses like evening dresses and bridesmaid gowns. Different from the former, it is helpful to create a sexy and feminine look.
One of the most popular styles of taffeta bridesmaid gowns is sheath. The design usually hugs the body so that it will highlight the curve. In view of this, it is just tailored to slim women and plus size women has no chance to try them on. Especially, the taffeta bridesmaid dresses in black are also called little black dresses. The classical and timeless style is sure to make your maids of honor satisfied.
Ball gown is also suitable for your bridesmaids in the wedding. This dramatic style is specially designed for pear shaped figures and it will accentuate the slim topper body and completely conceal the not so perfect parts. Ensure that the bridesmaid dresses are in the matching color of your wedding dress, I believe that it is the beauty of the scenery together.

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Anything under five feet three inches is usually considered petite. Petite is not to be confused with slim. There are many women who are short but have a little extra weight on them.

Most fashion models that run from the start and runways are more than five meters three inches long, but if you have the right dress, you can look just as good.
Dressing up is an art and every artist has a vision – thus creating your own look, you have what colors, textures and types of clothes look good on your understanding.
Shorter women would sometimes feel that they get lost in the crowd. Taking advantage of some of these tips to help you make may look bigger in size in creating the illusion of a few extra inches.
To begin, ankle boots can be great if worn properly. Wear them with bare feet is something that should be avoided. If you want to wear these boots, try on a number of similar colored tights or leggings that match the color of the boots. Naturally, high heels are designed to make people look longer, and they can make everyone’s legs look better. Ankle boots are not really the same and certain rules apply to wearing them.
If you love long dresses, but do not have the height to withdraw, try wearing some heels that show your toes. Another tip is to try to the top of your body and the lower partsin contrasting colors. This will make your bottom half look longer – for example, wearing just shorts that come down to the top of your waist. Wearing long shirts will appear shorter.
Long hair in a short body often can you look even shorter. Short hair helps create the illusion of a larger body. If you have long hair and do not want to cut, try wearing it up or back. Long hair is often the appearance of short women, so there is not much else to be noticed. The shorter your hair, the longer you will look.
Another tip for petite women’s fashion has to do with vertical lines (straight up and down). Wearing clothes with vertical striped patterns to help your body look longer. Horizontal lines (left to right) tend to broaden people regardless of their height. Also, dresses and tops with a V-neckline contribute to a longer look at your body. When wearing a dress, try the ones that end at the knee or slightly higher. The shorter the dress, the longer your legs will look.


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Filigree is a special kind of jewelry artwork. This method of metal working is all about intricate design. Tiny threads of gold or silver might be threaded together, or tine beads of precious metals could be joined to create a larger piece. Frequently, these pieces end up looking like a type of metal lace, which makes this type of metal work ideal for adding a decorative touch. Filigree is used in both jewelry design and in home interior design, thanks to its ability to add depth to any look.

Filigree is a long standing type of metal work and it used to be one of the standard jobs of a jeweler. Filigree is such an old practice that it is very difficult to tell when it even began. Filigree was practiced in ancient Egypt, Greece and India. In addition, it has been a popular French and Italian technique since the 1600’s. Examples of filigree can be found in ancient religious statues as well as in many royal jewelry collections.

The jewelry art is designed by curling, twisting and plaiting flexible threads of fine metals and tying them in strategic places to create a design. In addition, small beads of metal might be added to the top to create a lace like took or to add depth to a design. Generally, the thinner and more fragile the filigree work, the more expensive it is.

Filigree is used to make a large range of jewelry including brooches, pins, earrings, bracelets and rings. It an also be used in home décor and frequently sturdier metals are used to working the frames above doors and windows.

Filigree can be made of gold, sliver or some other find metal but the most popular type of filigree is gold filigree. Gold is particularly good for filigree work because it is a soft metal, making it easy to mode and shape. In some cases, backing metal will be added to a gold filigree piece to make it sturdier.

Filigree jewelry is very difficult to clean because it is incredibly delicate and easily bent. Because of this, it is best to have this type of jewelry professionally cleaned on a regular basis. In addition, if looking for a longer wear product, it is best to stick with broaches and pins, as bracelets, rings and necklaces frequently get bent during wear due to lack of support.

Filigree used to be practiced by all jewelry designers, but now it is a specific jewelry art practiced by only a few master artists. This is because the way filigree is made has not changed much since the early days of jewelry design. There is no part of this process than can be replaced by machines. This time consuming design process isn’t practiced by all jewelry designers, but the ones who enjoy it tend to make it a specific facet of their business. Filigree jewelry is beautiful and unique, and is an ideal piece for anyone looking to expand their jewelry collection. 

Essa Alroc is an Orlando, Florida based freelance writer who writes on a large range of subjects, from fashion to politics, to religion and healthy living. When she’s not working for her clients, her profession becomes her passion and she works on her novels instead. Essa is the host of an award winning blog, Essa on Everything and has published three novels. She is also a regular contributor for, an online site for silver and semi-precious stone jewelry.

Thanks to the constant writing, she rarely leaves the house. When she does, she spends her time beachside, trying to teach her dogs how to behave and working on her tan.

ES548BSYG Filigree Round Diamond Engagement Ring & matching Wedding ring in Yellow Gold

Stunning six prong Round diamond filigree Heirloom engagement ring setting and matching weedding ring in 14 karat Yellow gold. Custom made for your diamond s…

Mothers play an important role in the wedding of her daughter. So, she has to look her best for that special occasion. To make her look good, there are various styles of Mothers Of The Bride Dresses. Mothers Of The Bride Dresses are available in different styles and designs in the market. You can also shop online for the Mothers Of The Bride Dresses. The beneficial point of shopping online is that you save your money as well time, as you need not to go anywhere to buy these dresses. By sitting at your place, you can select the dress you want and order it.

The gowns for the Mothers Of The Bride Dresses are made in such a way that it can be worn again and again and for many occasions. Diaphanous jackets with the gowns are very much in fashion nowadays. The Mothers Of The Bride Dresses are according to the size of the mothers. These dresses are available in all sizes. So, before buying any dress, you must know the exact measurement of your figure. If you are not aware of today’s trend, then take your daughter along with you and ask her for her choice. The colors, styles, and cuts of these dresses compliment the figure of the mothers.

There are few tips that must be considered while buying Mothers Of The Bride Dresses. Firstly, you should know about your body type. According to your body shape, you can try different cuts and styles. For the pear shaped body, mothers should go for the dresses that could balance their bodies and make them look more proportional. For the tall and slender bodies, there are many silhouettes that could look good on the mothers. Once you get to know what style will suit your body type, next you should know what color will suit you.

Flower girls also play a significant role in the weddings. While they sprinkle flowers before the brides, they should look pretty. For them, there are cute Flowergirl Dresses. One of the styles is Spaghetti Strap Asymmetrical Tiered Organza Gown. These dresses definitely look gorgeous on the little flower girls. These Flowergirl Dresses are inspired by the ball gown designs. Another style is blush, this style of Flowergirl Dresses make flower girls center of attraction. There are other styles like flower mesh girl dresses, white angels’ ballerina dresses, and many more.

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Party dresses have evolved to be a diverse field nowadays as compared to past when the definition of a party dress used to be just a simple gown. We have many choices and different party dresses are worn on different occasions. Many dresses fall in the formal category whereas several party dresses are considered to be semi formal and can be worn on company meetings or at family dinner, wherever you feel like.
Gowns are very popular amongst ladies of ever age which are worn on occasions like orchestra, opera or a banquet. This is a completely formal party dress and it is of full length. Similarly a coronation gown, wedding dress, prom dress, ballroom dress and ballet dress, all fall in the formal category of party dresses.

On the other hand, evening gown, tea gown, cocktail dress, dinner dress and a simple fork, all fall in the category of semi formal party dresses. These dresses usually have floral prints and are available in light colours which are simply stitched without any glitters and other accessories as compared to formal party dresses.

It is important that you wear party dresses according to the event. Do not get dressed up too formally for a casual tea party at a friends house whereas if you have a wedding to attend at church then make sure that you are dressed up properly and if any dress code is given, follow that.
There are different styles of party dresses as well which do not specify the events on which it can be worn rather these are different styles. Maxi, sun dress, shift, jumper dress, tent, surplice and shirtwaist are various styles which range from tight fitted dresses to lose ones. Each one is different from another.

Summing up, there are various styles as well as various types of party dresses which can be worn on different occasions depending whether it is a formal event or a semi formal gathering. One can wear their semi formal dresses to office meetings or parent teacher school meetings as well as they are simple dresses. offers wide collection of prom party dress. Also find formal dresses as well as graduation dresses in our collection,.

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