7 Ways to Making Ordering Wedding Invitations Easier

Thank you for tuning in again to day 5 of ’7 Ways to Making Ordering Wedding Invitations Easier’. Yesterday in my Tip number 4 I discussed all about how many invites/pieces you need and so on. Thank you for all the kind feedback I am receiving and I am glad to hear so many of you are finding this very useful and informative. I will try keep up the good work!

Tip #5 – Get a wedding website (with a short URL)

A relatively easy way (assuming you can blog, and know your way around the internet) to get all the information you need to your guests is to create a website. Popular sites that offer free web hosting include www.theknot.com, www.mywedding.com, and http://sites.google.com. All will let you customize your site and put up photos, directions, accommodation info, etc., etc. The Knot and My Wedding are created specifically for wedding websites, so I find they have a lot cooler features, but google sites is still another option if you want more customization and are a bit more web savvy. However, the “dark side” to these sites is that generally your URL is going to look something like:
http://www.sitename.com/yournames20xx/sites/blahblahblah. Which is all good and fine when you’re just clicking on it, but when it’s on a printed card with limited space you don’t want to ask your guests to type that long URL in.

Enter the domain forwarding. By buying a domain and the smallest amount of hosting space from someone like www.hostgator, you can get a much shorter URL and have it forward you to the longer URL. What this means, is that instead of typing in http://sites.google.com/site/eveandrick2014, you could just type in www.wedding.meridianbride.com.

Okay, so granted, it’s not much shorter in our case, but it is still easier to remember and if you end up with a long URL and want a shorter one, I’m sure you can figure something out (if I wanted to buy something like www.eveandrick20xx.com I could have ended up with an even smaller URL.

Brooklyn Wedding at The Green Building from Sarah Hoppes


The wedding was largely designed and organized by us. Some of our favorite little touches were the chalkboard seating chart drawn by the bride’s sister, the homemade granola baked by the groom’s mother that was offered

You can get a domain plus hosting for about $32 for sixth months from www.hostgator.com. Just so you know, Hostgator are doing a great deal at the moment meaning for the first months hosting it only costs 1 cent!

PS – We are affiliates of hostgator, but it’s Meridian Bride policy to only become affiliates of products we actually use ourselves so you know Hostgator are legit. Seriously, no pressure to buy from them. But if you are going to get a domain and hosting, you might as well get it from someone like Hostgator though – save yourself money, and we get some support to keep creating guides like this one. Either way, I’m glad you’re still reading this, so thank you!

We are getting into the really fun bits now so stay tuned tomorrow for Tip 6 of ’7 Ways to Making Ordering Wedding Invitations Easier’. See you then and enjoy the rest of your day folks.